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Travelin Morocco It is a small travel agency with a multilingual team passionate about Morocco. Our private tours in Morocco cover exploration of the Sahara desert, the discovery of imperial cities with authentic tailor-made experiences in the southern region and the Moroccan Sahara. Seamless travel packages include luxurious and comfortable air-conditioned transport, guided historical tours and well-selected Moroccan riads. Authenticity and local exploration are our hallmark.

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Their goal is to offer travelers an unforgettable Moroccan adventure to make their vacations unforgettable. We have carefully designed each linear base based on customer requests, target distance from each other, and maximum locations to showcase Moroccan beauty. You will find all the private tours at the airport of arrival and departure from Morocco. We have decided to offer tailor-made tours for couples, families, small groups and independent travelers.

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With over ten years of experience in custom travel, the experts at Traveling Morocco will create the experience of a lifetime for your trip to Morocco.

Our private tours will allow you to discover Moroccan souks, kasbahs, riads, ancient cities, mosques, Roman ruins, ruins, the great Shara desert and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Morocco definitely meets your expectations…

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Traveling Morocco  maintains close relationships with local service providers, hotel owners, transfer providers and tour guides to ensure that the interests, safety and enjoyment of our customers are at the forefront of their business . We personally visit hotels and restaurants as customers to ensure we feel, see and experience what our customers will experience to ensure their needs and our high requirements and standards are met. Our knowledgeable, attentive and experienced staff will handle all aspects of your trip quickly, efficiently and professionally and will handle any issues that arise with calm, professionalism and urgency to allow you to relax and enjoy your experience worry-free.


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Our mission is to offer you an extraordinary, exciting, exclusive and fun dream vacation. Relax and let an immaculate journey take you on a journey of a lifetime filled with memories you will treasure for years to come. We hope to see you soon in Morocco.

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