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Fez is a mythical city in Morocco, very popular with tourists for its authenticity. It is one of the 4 imperial cities. She is known in particular as one of the richest culturally and historically speaking. Its medina is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To always please its visitors and preserve its architectural heritage, its historic center is benefiting from a large-scale renovation. Nicknamed the Mecca of the West or the Athens of Africa, Fez was one of the capitals of Arab-Muslim civilization. Culinary capital of Morocco, its reputation is well established for craftsmanship. Tannery and weaving are the specialties of Fez. You will understand, Fez is an incredibly rich city to discover absolutely!

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Travel to Visit Fez

Do you want to enhance your visit to Fez with events, unmissable activities? Note that Fez regularly hosts various festivals, most of them related to the arts.

Thus, for more than 25 years, the Festival of Sacred Music of the World has taken place in Fez every year. If you are passing through the city in June, check out the program to listen to artists from all over the world. The city has also hosted the Salon des Tanners for several years. An opportunity to (re) discover this tradition. If you prefer plastic arts, dance or traditional music, do not hesitate to consult the cultural agenda of Fez.

Where to stay in Fez (apartments, hotels, hostels)?

To fully enjoy Fez, it is important that you choose accommodation suited to what you want to do during your stay. If you particularly like traditional accommodation, a rhiad in the Medina, near the Bab Boujloud gate for example. The district of Fès El Jedid remains authentic while offering a quieter environment. However, if you prefer the comfort of the modern, the New Town will offer you all kinds of hotels. It is also the district to favor if you want to enjoy the nightlife of Marrakech.

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fes is the historic city

very popular with tourists for its authenticity. It is one of the 4 imperial cities

Fez: the cultural city of Morocco

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fez is still organized in the traditional way. The spiritual capital of Morocco invites its visitors to come and discover each historical vestige of the city while respecting a few rules of behavior. Among the finest museums to visit is the Nejjarine Museum, an 18th century caravanserai that was later turned into a wooden museum. Continue your journey by visiting the Museum of Dar Batha, a former royal palace that has become the Museum of Moroccan Arts. An imposing 16th century fort overlooking the medina has been turned into a modern museum. This is the Weapons Museum which houses a very rich collection of ancient weapons dating from prehistoric times.

Neighborhoods and souks to visit in Fez

Do not miss during your stay in Fez to take a stroll through the souks and fascinating districts of the city. To start your visit, head to the Henné Souk, a charming location in the shade of the plane trees where merchants sell henna as well as rustic pottery and several cosmetic products. The picturesque souk des Teinturiers will amaze you with its multicolored environment along the river. A little further on, you will find the Tanners’ quarters, colorful to visit especially in the morning. Outside the medina on the road to Taza, you will appreciate the pottery works of the potters’ quarter as well as the meticulous work of the zelligeur artisans. End your walk in the craft districts of the city in Fez Jdid, where the old Jewish quarter and the Royal Palace are located, from where you can enjoy a surprising view of the gate and the main street.

When to go to a holiday in Fez

The climate of Fez is contrasted. It is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. The best time to visit it is therefore spring and autumn. You will be able to fully enjoy Fez at the end of March, April and May as well as at the end of September, October and the beginning of November.

The historical treasures of Fez

Enjoy each of your visits to Fez by staying at one of the high-end hotels we have selected for you at exclusive prices. The city of Fez is full of several historical treasures not to be missed. Starting with the medina, which houses the oldest university in the world. It has two important gates: that of Bad Bou Djeloud at the main entrance to the medina, and that of Bad Dedakène, which looks like a castle. If you pass by Place Serrafine, you will not fail to see the pretty central fountain that decorates it, the former workplace of copper craftsmen. Also discover the Karaouiyne Mosque-University, the largest university in the ancient Arab world and whose visit is reserved exclusively for Muslims. However, you can appreciate the beauty of its interior courtyard with its 270 columns and 24 doors through a portal left ajar. Several other historical and religious vestiges are also to be visited during your stay in Fez: the Bou Djeloud gardens, the Mellah (the former district of the Jews), and the mausoleum of Moulay Idriss II, the second sacred site in Morocco.

The opinion of the private fes travel specialist

A city of unshakeable beauty, Fez shares through its narrow streets where it is easy to get lost, its riads weathered by time, its centuries-old monuments and its lively atmosphere all the magic of the Shereefian kingdom. Majestic palaces like mosques are precious guardians of incomparable artistic finesse. Take the necessary time to admire the mosaics and bas-reliefs. In Karaouine University in particular, the floor as well as the walls arouse admiration. Before leaving the medina, discover the master potters of Fez who are true silversmiths of the earth. You should know that it is in the city that the art of enamelling and varnishing of ceramics was born.

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